Scents of Fall

As I took Argyle for a walk through the yard today and as my bare toes brushed against a crisp brown leaf, it came to me—the sudden passing of summer.
Where did it go?
Wasn’t it just yesterday that Erin came home for the summer?
Wasn’t it just last week that we took him on a little vacation?
Fond memories of my nephew William rolling in grass in the backyard, little Annia playing in our wading pool, blooming flowers in my Mary Garden, hummingbirds flittering in the Wigelia gathering nectar……….it is nearly over and yet, there are still flowers to bloom, birds to sing, Annia to play with, and two days left before Erin leaves.
Did I stop to smell the roses? Not really, but….there is one beautiful yellow rose blooming in the garden–thank you St. Therese……..I will breathe in the intoxicating aroma tonight, before the stars shine upon my house.

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