Reflections on another year at St Lawrence

Attending Mass in the Chapel at St. Lawrence Seminary yesterday, I was feeling a bit melancholy on several levels. As I listened to the sea of men’s voice singing the Gloria I began to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but at the same time remained aware of this glorious place.
“How did we get here?” I whispered to God.
Contemplating this expensive school and reflecting all that has happened in our lives, I knew there was no possible way we could afford to send Erin to a high school such as this. We just did not have the resources to make it happen, but yet he is here.
Wildflowers, birds, a variety of small animals and the loving and graceful guidance of the Capuchin Franciscans surround the 150-year-old tree lined campus, located high upon a hill in Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin.
How blessed we are that our son is able to attend this place and receive not only an exemplary education, but the rich permeation of his Catholic faith in his daily life.
Again, I whispered. “How did we get here?”
Above the deep baritone voices, above the angels and saints praising The Good Shepherd, I heard His voice.
“I have provided this for your son.”
And I wept.
His call is louder than a mother’s voice missing her son and more powerful than I ever imagined. My son is where he is supposed to be and I am comforted.

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