We are TSO Junkies

Oh yes, I landed them–after languishing on the TSO website all morning, I landed six of the most perfect tickets for the November show at the Allstate Arena. 
Tenth row back–about as good as you can get without being right up there on stage with founder Paul O’Neill, Megadeth guitarist Al Pitrelli, and composer and keyboardist Robert Kinkel.

Honestly, if Beethoven had had access to electric guitars,he would have used them, because TSO and Beethovan completely rocks!

We jumped on the TSO bandwagon back in 2002, but the roots of TSO go back to 1995, when Kinkel and buddy Paul O’Neill were in a heavy metal band that recorded an unlikely hit called “Christmas Eve in Sarajevo for a rock opera about the Balkan conflict.

Their record label suggested they put out an album of Christmas music, and band members decided to incorporate a more classical flavor.

Despite that we own Christmas Eve and Other Stories and the rest of their albums, we enjoy attending the live show. The band’s family- friendly live shows combine a theatrically staged production of “Christmas Eve and Other Stories” with more recent works. For those jumping into the TSO fray, expect glitzy production, a light show, fire, snow and a 21-piece orchestra that includes TSO’s six-piece rock band, a narrator, an eight-piece string section and six vocalists.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra isn’t the first rock band to combine rock and roll with classical music ideas, Moody Blues did it and so did Electric Light Orchestra.

Many ask, about the group’s name-The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. They are neither from Siberia nor an orchestra. So how did the entourage get its name?

According to Paul O’Neill, the groups founder. In the 1980s, he was fortunate enough to have been in Russia. He said, “if anyone has ever seen Siberia, it’s incredibly beautiful but incredibly harsh and unforgiving. And the one thing everybody has in common there is the Trans-Siberian Railroad that moves across it in relative safety.”

Ironically, life, too, can be incredibly beautiful but also incredibly harsh and unforgiving. Music is the one thing everyone has in common that moves across it in relative safety. So they decided to call the band Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It was a little philosophical but they liked the initials, TSO, and the fact that it was different. And it still sounded good the next day.

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