St. Lawrence Seminary High School Hosts the Hilltopper

Among my most treasured memories of Erin’s days as a student at St. Lawrence High School would have to be witnessing the brotherhood, determination, honor and the true joy emanating from the faces of the young men privileged to attend the school.

Sure it would have been easier to pull up the covers on a rainy, chilly Saturday morning and get another hour or two of sleep, but we opted to rise a bit earlier and drive to the school for the annual Hilltopper meet.

For those unfamiliar with the event, the Hilltopper is a major cross country event, hosted by SLS and brings in high school distance runners throughout Wisconsin.

More than 500 runners gather to tackle the school’s grueling course of hills and steep inclines, and I am told, one of the toughest in the entire state.

Many runners can be seen struggling to make it to the top of “Big Bertha,” the main hill that connects the upper campus to the soccer fields below. Friends, classmates and family gather along the sidelines cheering the runners to make it to the top…..I believe some of the runners accomplish this due to the sheer will of the crowd. Everyone is a winner this day!

Watching the sinewy legs of male and female runners, their fierce brute strength carrying them to new physical heights– rising to meet and exceed the challenging course made me think of our own path with the Lord. We are often running craggy terrain, led to the edge of steep embankments and looking down into the unknown.

Can we make it?

Shall we try?

And a calm, still voice speaks to the soul, “Oh give it a try…I am here to help you…please don’t give up.”

…………… and with our last fragment of strength, we breathe deep, overcome our fears, beg for a heavenly nudge and climb the hill.


The Hilltopper is so much more than a tough race…and St. Lawrence is so much more than a boys boarding school.

It is preparation for life as a Catholic young man and fuel to continue throughout the inclines and declines of life.

I am blessed, humbled and honored to shout to the world that my son attends this wonderful place
….high upon the hill in rustic Mt. Calvary.

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