Mad Hair Day

“Auntie Karen, how come you have mad hair?”

A comment from my innocent, or perhaps not so innocent 7-year-old nephew last week as we met he and my sister at the airport.

“I don’t have mad hair”

“Yes, you do, it is sticking up like you just woke up out of bed and it looks like it is mad at you.”

Ironically, just the day before I had my hair cut and styled and thought it looked pretty decent–who knew that I was unconsciously having an inner battle with my tresses and according to William, the tresses were losing!

Kids are great and I love their honesty. They say it like it is, no bones, no gossip, no phoniness, just blatant and at times, the all too painful truth.

Maintaining a sense of humor and being ready for anything is a necessary coping skill that carried me through many years of parenting my own five children. 

Over the past few days, I have reflected on William’s comments about my ‘mad hair’ and it makes me smile. God must have known that I needed a laugh that would carry me through the week.

Oh and by the way, William–your mom insists that you are not allowed to change your name to Darth Vader, no matter how much you beg. 

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