Blaise and the kitty

So tell me he doesn’t like cats?


Sure, Blaise is allergic to them, and he will tell anyone who asks, that he can’t stand felines of any sort unless they are the big ones running wild with the giraffes and elephants in Africa.

But, God does indeed have a sense of humor and I am getting such a kick out of watching Callie and her baby, Storm who have adopted us along with the space under our back porch.

Kitty toys of every sort dot the stone patio.  Catnip scented mice hanging by ribbons of yarn give  mama and baby something to bat around on sunny afternoons after they have finished napping in the little cat bed under the enclosed deck……..all provided by—you guessed it, the big guy.

Matching bowls for food and drink sit below our bay window to ensure they have some nourishment if mouse and chipmunk hunting is scarce.

And then, there he is: tough guy, heart of steel with a charcoal striped kitten in his arms–lovin’ him to pieces.

Yeah–try and tell me you hate cats and I will laugh in your face!

2 thoughts on “Blaise and the kitty

  1. Ok – I'll admit to kinda liking them – But the real enabler is guess who???? That's right!!! We can be starving, but there she goes out the back door with fresh shrimp- creamy milk – etc etc – and the hits just keep on comin! If I didn't put my foot down there would be 1000 cats devouring all the natural habitat in our area (for the love of Mary!!!) I'm just saying! Wow!


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