Will Stand for Life Despite Public Apathy

About a dozen people gathered along Highway 50 with pro-life signs in their hands and determination in their hearts.

And my husband, granddaughter, and I were 2 1/2  of them!
The hour and a half long event was part of the 23rd annual National Life Chain — an event in which thousands of people in more than 1,450 cities and towns throughout the United States and Canada gathered on sidewalks to be a peaceful and prayerful witness for pro-life.

Although she slept much of the time, our 13-month-old granddaughter, Annia was an integral link in the “life chain” in Paddock Lake that spread out in front of Westosha Central High School.

Our bubbly baby girl slept for a while and then ran around near Grandma and Grandpa between signs that said “Jesus Forgives and Heals,” and “Lord Forgive our Nation.”

She is our miracle baby, because if it wasn’t for the intercession of many, she would have been one of those souls snatched from this earth before given the chance to make her mark in the world. Instead she is a blessing to our son, who is allowed to be a father, to us, and to the many individuals she touches each day.
If she hadn’t been born, we would miss games of peek-a-boo, hiking in the woods, giggles from the belly, playing house under the dining room table, stacking blocks, and resting with grandma in the rocking chair-sunlight bouncing off her golden curls. 
She is a wonderful, blessed gift to us.
While most feedback during the day was positive, it saddened me no end to see such a lack of support for life from area churches who did not come out to stand with us during the annual event, from the lack of news coverage from area newspapers, and from the drivers who chose to swear or offer disgusting hand gestures as recompense for our quiet, silent and prayerful statement for life.
How can people behave this way?
Where would we be without our children?
As Mother Teresa once said, “Too many children? That’s like saying there are too many flowers.”

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