God showed up near the Orange Juice

A long ago friend
 time and circumstances frayed the edges
a mass of tangled threads entwined with the memories
Sad for the loss, but moved on
Time to time,
I looked from afar
 and longed to reconnect
somehow, to try
it wasn’t time
  each attempt met with a cold, harsh stare
A month ago, saw her in the distance
tried to catch a glimpse
that God would reconcile
..and again I prayed
Last night under florescent grocery store lights
in front of the orange juice,
…stacks of produce in my arms
above the din of noisy shoppers
it was God’s time
and finally,
A cautious hello
met with slight recognition
“How are you?” I question
“you don’t have time for the answer-your hands are full.”
“I have time.”
And God moved heaven and earth to rejoin two hearts
in pain
tears flowed
my heart seared within as the ice melted from hers
Thank you Lord for your magnificent healing
in your time
in your chosen place
and again, we are friends
healed near the orange juice

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