Missing you mom

It’s been nine years since we lost you Mom
So much has happened and I am not sure you would want to be here to see it all anyway.
But one thing you need to know
you were a wonderful mother.
True, our family had problems, and life was difficult for you
but I am sure you know now, just how much God loves you
Did he hold out his arms, hug you tight and whisper ‘welcome home, my love?’
Did you dance with Dad?
Are you playing the organ for the angels?
So many days I wish you were here for our 8:30 a.m. chats-each with our cups of coffee, my voice rising over the din of the children playing and squabbling in the background.
you, always so gracious, so helpful, so understanding.
How I wish I had been able to help you through your tough times, your sadness, your discouragement with life.
Know that I carry you, your lessons, your heart and breath within my spirit.
I can’t wait until we are reunited
I love you Mom, give Dad a kiss from his pumpkinseed

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