Eeek a mouse!

Can’t help but reflect on the movie Mouse Hunt, the 1997 comedy about two morons who inherited a house and the mouse living within.
We had several living within and today they are all hopefully on their way to mousie heaven. Similar to the movie, we took major action–ripping out a unit installed in our basement that was supposed to work better than a dehumidifier–yeah right.
Not only did the unit not work, it was a wonderful passage for homeless mice to take up residence in our basement.
We were not one bit amused to see a couple of buck-toothed wonders scamper across the carpeted family room in the basement, nor were we pleased to see that they had invaded my stash of Penzey’s spices, and I was really ticked off when I saw that they had gotten into my gluten free pretzels. 
We placed bait trays, snap traps and glue traps and while they occasionally eluded the snap traps the problem continued, so today we went searching for the source.
Armed with an electric screwdriver, sledgehammer, and other equipment including shop vac and leather gloves we fervently tore apart the useless humidity control unit, finding the source of the invasion. After hours of blood, sweat and tears, not to mention a few bad words and huge pile of refuse hauled to the curb, the opening is sealed with steel wool, caulking, insulation and wood–nothing will enter that crevice again. 

And for the stragglers that dared to stay behind we have prepared a banquet of all sorts of sticky traps, snap tracks, bait blocks and other nefarious deterrents.  Sorry guys, you make look cute in the pet shop, but if you are in my abode, you have got to go.

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