Can I just run away?

So here it is, just 8 days until Thanksgiving.
Trying not to stress out this year–after all, I promised myself I wouldn’t.
After all, it’s only family coming, right?
So, yesterday began with cleaning the carpets. I learned this neat-o trick from Mary Hunt from Debt-free living. She recommended not using detergent and instead, pouring boiling water into the tank. She said she tried it numerous times and it worked great–way better than detergent and hot water.

A word of warning: If you have the Bissell carpet machine with the plastic lined reservoir, the boiling water will melt the liner, leaving a GAPING hole in the plastic, thus dumping the water either onto the carpet in a nice big puddle or into the dirty water tank. 
Either way, your carpets are not getting clean today. Nor are they getting cleaned tomorrow because upon calling the customer service number and placing an order for a new reservoir, I was told that I need to wait 7-10 days before my order will arrive.
By then the family will be gone.

After a few moments of hyperventilating, I did what any obsessive compulsive person would do, I mixed up a boatload of Oxyclean and cleaned the carpets with a scrub brush on my hands and knees. 

Tomorrow I head to the doctor because my back, which has been out for 8 days, is now much worse. The 12 ibuprofens I was eating for the past week are not even touching this pain.
Perhaps I should not be so neurotic. 

So, today, I figured I’d do something easier–like roasting one of my two turkeys ahead of time, carving it and freezing the meat until the big day. Unfortunately, the succulent juices from the beautifully roasted turkey poured onto the carving board, overflowed the little gutters, and like Niagara Falls, dripped all over my wooden countertop and onto the floor where the dog, who thought he died and went to heaven, began lapping it all up. 

In my quest to remove him from the room, I slipped on the slimy mess and onto my backside.

I am not making this up, I swear.
Three hours later, the turkey is put away, the counters and dishes are washed and so is the floor. 

My back is killing me; good thing I already have that appointment for tomorrow, because at least I will get my money’s worth.

On that note, I am going to watch Hell’s Kitchen because it will make me feel good to see someone have a more miserable experience than myself.

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