Feeling the power of God’s presence at SLS

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A few quiet moments wandering the halls of St. Lawrence Seminary High School this weekend, again brought me to tears.
Why do I weep each time I come to this place?
This was an ordinary weekend, my husband and I host to prospective parents of eighth grade students.
Arms laden with snacks and beverages, we assisted with the weekend schedule and fielded questions from anxious parents on our experience having a son attend a Catholic boarding school. 
Sandwiched between the activities, I took a few moments to reflect and walk alone.
A light touch on my back let me know someone was with me; an invisible arm embraced my shoulders, guiding me down a familiar passage. The sweet, fragrant aroma of incense emanating from the chapel’s brick walls drew me to kneel before the Tabernacle Saturday evening….
…before the school’s evening prayer session
… before the sounds of scuffling feet in quest to find fraternity members–a family within a family,  young men joined for meals and prayers.
Like a gift, I unwrapped 151 years of greatness and reflected on the thousands of priests, brothers, consecrated lay Catholics and those with honorable vocations as husbands and fathers who lived and breathed the Capuchin mission to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Layers upon layers of sacrifice by priests, lay teachers, brothers, sisters, staff, and benefactors–all sacrificing their lives to build the Body of Christ.
One after another, God revealed the sanctity of these walls, of this campus, of this Holy Hill that generations have called home.
The tears flowed to my chin, puddling on the pew before me and again, I feel the presence and a hint of His voice speaking to my heart.
And I know why my son is here.

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