The blessing of a granddaughter

While each of my five children were loved, wanted and cherished, there is something surreal and ethereal with the addition of grandchildren.

Rocking my 16 month old Annia to sleep this afternoon, sunlight reflecting downy, flaxen curls–I inhale her scent.

The sweet, chrism imbued incense wafting from within her soul, it must be the aroma of heaven, a sweet mystery that will one day be revealed.

Beads of perspiration on her brow, I push her downy bangs to the side and study her face–the face of an angel, I think.

Was it this way when my mother held my children and my grandmother rocked me? No wonder the bonds are so great between us all–a hidden veil connecting earth to heaven.

We are always together, my mom, grandma and me–and now it continues….thanks be to God.

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