February’s Monthly Prayer for Priests

Wow, hard to believe we are already headed towards February–this is the month that gives me hope for Spring–although we are supposed to get a dumping of snow on Tuesday.

Anyway, Anne Bender’s wonderful ministry has posted her latest Monthly Prayer for priests–here is a portion of her newsletter if you are interested in saying a quick prayer or becoming more involved. Blessings to you and May the Lord Jesus Christ guide and protect our priests.

“As I do each month, I would like to encourage you to attend the Monthly Holy Hour for Vocations held at St. Francis de Sales Seminary Christ King Chapel.  On Sunday, February 13th, please join Roses for Our Lady and our Spiritual Director,  Fr. Don Hying, in an hour of prayer for  the intention of an increase in good and holy vocations to the diocesan priesthood in Milwaukee.  Roses for Our Lady is an organization of Catholic laity whose goal is to promote authentic Marian devotion. 
I’ve added a new link to the prayer resource page.  Since you are already praying for Pope Benedict and for Archbishop Listecki each month, perhaps you might like to commit to praying an additional weekly rosary for them and/or any other Bishop of your choice.  Please consider paying a visit to Rosary for The Bishop.  This organization was founded to support Madison’s Bishop Morlino and is now literally doing a world of good in offering prayer reminders for any Bishop you choose to pray for!  I would also add that it was the founders of this magnificent organization who introduced me to The National MPRP organization in Boston, MA.  Without Rosary for the Bishop, the Milwaukee chapter of the MPRP would not be here! 
Now that the MPRP has been operating in Milwaukee for six months, you may be wondering how you might support this important apostolate.  In addition to prayer, which is the best support, I invite you to consider printing the calendars for distribution to your parish, the home bound parishioners in your area, or a nearby Catholic Nursing Home or Convent.  Most of all, I ask you to spread the word about this website, and invite your friends and family to drop me a note asking to be included in the email list.  If at any time, however, you would no longer like to receive these monthly emails, please send me a note and I will remove your name from the email list.”

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