Musings of Fondness and gratitude

While no life is perfect by any means, I find that the older I get, just how much I appreciate situations that formed my life as it is today. Without the sufferings, the trials, the joys, sorrows and reconciliations–I would not understand and grasp any of the lessons that Christ has been trying to teach me.

Of course, it was at times, quite challenging to raise and homeschool five children so close in age, but I am happy that I did it. How many parents are privy to so many adorable phrases, actions, and loving antics of their offspring on a day to day basis?

Finances were always tight, but we grew close between washing the cloth diapers, to baking homemade bread together, cooking dinners, and making creative crafts and gifts. Lessons in compassion and caring about others happened nearly every day as we visited their great grandparents in the nursing home and we wept together as God brought them home to Heaven.We examined pond water under a microscope, dissected small creatures and even a random cow eyeball to see how everything worked–all amazing revelations on how Our Father brought all the lessons together under his umbrella of Creation.

From Kelly my eldest to Sean, Ryan, Molly and Erin, my youngest, each child has his or her unique qualities–all a gift from Our Lord above. Each has chosen their own special path and it is exciting to see the many ways God is leading them and continues to guide their ways. And now we reach our second generation with beautiful cherubic faced grandchildren.–what a blessing life is, another lesson on how we cannot, for a minute, take it for granted.

I treasure each of my three brothers John, Mike, Andy and my sister Amy, for in their faces, shine the spirits and eyes of our late parents. My wish for them as for my children and grandchildren is everlasting happiness, and joy in our Lord Jesus Christ. May God bring us all together, ease any hurts with the Balm of Gilead and restore all the innocent love of childhood.

 I thank you Dear Jesus and I thank Our Blessed Mother Mary for your love, mercy and grace to endure all of life’s trials.

2 thoughts on “Musings of Fondness and gratitude

  1. Beautiful sentiments from a beautiful soul. Thank you, KAREN. It reminds us that every single person, event and experience in our lives, is a blessing from God, and that we must always look at it as that – something or someone to learn from, as we go through our journey on this side of heaven. You are a blessing to me, and to all who know you and love you.

    xx Pea


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