Lessons Learned

Had the opportunity to chat with an elderly member of our parish this afternoon before Ash Wednesday Mass. Never knew it until today that he endures three times a week Kidney Dialysis. Because of his kidney disease and previous quintuple bypass, he was forced to give up his lifelong career in the Sheriff Department. Now, he struggles with his purpose in life.

We bring Holy Communion to an elderly woman living with her adult daughter and fiance–today we brought her to Mass with us. In the weeks we have developed our friendship, we have seen her personal struggle with memory, relying on others, giving up cooking for Meals on Wheels, and criticizing herself for her inability to contribute to society.

I see a woman with affluence invariably unhappy day after day–unable to see the blessings that others can only dream. Despite it all, she too struggles with her place in this world.

Those recently disabled, ill, losing their jobs, their children, growing older–we all struggle with how to fit in, how to contribute, our self-worth and where God is calling us. Deep down, we are all the same, we all laugh, bleed, and weep–we are all God’s children and we are all where we are supposed to be. Nothing passes by Our Lord’s watchful eye and he cares for us more than he cares for the tiny sparrows seeking crumbs for their breakfast.

I believe–thou help my unbelief

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