Twice is nice

I can’t think of anything that is more gratifying to a parent than to see your children become parents. Seeing them raise their babies, love them, care for them, and put them first is such a gift.

Recently, we had a wonderful visit with two of our granddaughters, and it was as if heaven descended upon our living room.Curiously, I studied them, looked for the intangible-God’s tapestry, weaving wisps of generations passed into beautiful new creatures.

And there it was-Grandma’s smile, great-grandpa’s eyes, Dad’s demeanor, Mom’s toes, my chubby legs, and the rounded cheeks of my boys. The legacy continues and is passed to the next generation and like our Lord said in the beginning, it is Very Good.

One is blonde, one is brunette–both are adorable angels-Annia and Alexa. We love you so much

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