Friday night Date night

Oh yeah–after being sick for a couple of weeks with this cold and flu, I am finally well enough to go on an actual date night with my husband. Woohoo–heading to a movie like real people do-just me, Blaise, my box of Kleenex and a yummy bag of cough drops.

A box of tissues, you say? How romantic, but alas, the box has been my constant companion for a while, in fact, the dog now gets second billing and has to sit near my feet in the recliner.  I think he has become a bit jealous of my ‘new best friend’ because it was shredded into a million pieces when I got back from the doctor yesterday. It was one of those “I’ll fix you” maneuvers–and who said dogs don’t hold a grudge?

Again I call out to you Cesar Milan–I think dogs really do have feelings! I mean, just look at this face!

So, hopefully I will not have a headache or dripping sinuses tomorrow and can actually get back to my first business–writing. I need to crack my own whip before I am put at the bottom of the freelance list.

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