The Joke’s on me

Those prowling about my neighborhood early this morning may have wondered why I was walking Argyle on an ‘O so short leash’ holding a large soup ladle next to his private parts.

Early senility?

Tempting, but no.

The things you learn when you are a dog owner. For instance, I had no clue that my 11 pound Bichon Frise could get a bladder infection. At first when I noticed that he was leaving puddles and droplets throughout the house, I thought he was misbehaving, or perhaps he forgot how to ask to go out. However, just a few minutes after taking him out, he’d have another mishap and then I realized, something was not right in the netherworld.

After cleaning all the carpeting in the house, and washing the floors multiple times, I had had enough and called the vet. Oh sure they would be more than happy to see him, but I needed to bring in a urine sample.

By the time I stopped laughing hysterically, I realized they were serious. “How am I supposed to do that? I asked.

“Get an old pie tin and put it under there and he will go in it.”

Again, hysterical laughter, but they were quite serious.

Ok, got an old pie tin, took him outside and he got ready to do his business. Although I tried to be coy, he recognized the foreign object almost immediately and looked at me as if I were nuts. Of course he wasn’t going to go with a large metal object under him.

Hmmm, another idea popped into my foggy head (I had been up since 3 a.m.) and I ran inside to get a soup ladle. Sure enough the next try, I casually stuck the ladle underneath and he was none the wiser.

so, got the collection, grabbed the dog and hauled him to the vet, where indeed, it was a bladder infection. An antibiotic,anti-inflammatory, new food, the exam and culture I went home with $150 less in my pocket.

Oh who needs groceries anyway?

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