Spring cleaning our hearts

Wisconsin winters are long and brutal, so when the first wisps of summer float through the air, we have our windows open and are outside playing and working in the yard.

This winter marks one of the longest in my memory, but I am not complaining for it gives me opportunity to thank God for each luscious scent of lilac, rose, and honeysuckle the summer brings. For me, I think if we had those lovely days year round, I might not be grateful for the bumblebees, chirping birds, the spring shower, and the 75 degree balmy weather we are having right now.

The first warm day of the season also brings the opportunity to clean the screen porch–my favorite place to be on warm days and affectionately known as my outside office. I am sitting here now listening to more than 30 wind chimes play in unison, as if they were each tuned in a different, but perfectly melodious cadence. Thank you Blaise for loving wind chimes as much as I do–and thanks for putting them all up today! I think that was when I first knew I really loved you, the day you gave me a set of chimes from your yard because I didn’t have one.

For the first two hours after Mass today, I pulled everything off the porch–the firewood, bins of birdseed and all the furniture. Then I swept and vacuumed every square inch, took the birdseed to the shed, the firewood stacked neatly for next winter, and the sweepings into the fire pit. The furniture was cleaned, vacuumed, dusted and polished and the clean rugs replaced for another summer of tea parties, cookouts, and late summer evenings talking and playing games with Erin and Blaise.

My mind began wandering as the cleaning and purging went on, and I began to realize that Lent is somewhat like cleaning this porch. We try to rid ourselves, our hearts and our minds of the dirt, cobwebs and dead leaves that make us impure in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. We examine, clean up and ask forgiveness through the Sacrament of Confession and once again, our hearts, our minds and our souls are ready to receive the gift of new life, of Christ our Savior.

Thanks be to God.

If you are in the area–stop by, we’d love to see you

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