Allow me a moment to brag

My daughter Kelly is a knitting genius.
She has made family and friends countless scarves, sweaters, hats, gloves and toys—each one more adorable than the last. After a bit of prodding on our part, she opened her own Etsy shop–and if you think the enthusiastic encouragement didn’t have a selfish side on my part, think again.

Don’t tell her, but it’s my hope, she brings in enough change to fund some yarn to create a creamy white Aran sweater for me.

And if you are reading this Kelly, there is no pressure-no, none at all, but, well, really, I would like one!

Anyway, her little shop will be featured on the left side of this blog and if you click on an item you like, it will take you directly to her shop where you can peruse all of her gorgeous wares.  Have a look!

 And here is my gorgeous daughter sitting with her Pops, in case you are interested in knowing just who you are buying from.

Here is her shop, if you would rather check it out from here The Caffeinated Ewe

Now don’t tell me you can’t find a single thing for that baby shower, Mother’s Day or Easter!

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