Happy Birthday Molly Kathleen Urness Thompson

It is hard to believe you are 22 today! I remember the day you were born as if it were only a moment ago, and was filled with such joy at having another beautiful daughter. You were always so happy, funny and adorable with your dimpled little face. Watching you grow up over the years from a toddler, to a young girl, teenager and into a woman was an incredible and wonderful metamorphosis.

I have fond memories of your love, compassion, humor and penchant for Owen Wilson impersonations. I will never forget you smoking that stogie in the side yard when you were 13, just to see the reaction of the construction workers, or peeking out of your bedroom window at ‘Booth’s’ and Angie’s antics. It was always an amusing experience scouring the malls for Prom and Homecoming dresses, going to lunch, getting latte’s, making costumes for your plays and talent shows, and of course traveling to San Francisco in celebration of your high school graduation. We did have some fun times and I will never forget them.

You are indeed a lovely young woman and a beautiful mother. I pray that you are gifted with as much joy in your motherhood experience as I was with you. God bless you today.

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