Rising from the Deaf

With eyes as wide as saucers, my kindergarten religious ed students listened as I told the story about how, after Jesus died he was laid in the tomb, a rock was rolled in front of the opening and a guard kept watch at the entrance so Jesus would not be taken.

They were excited as I went on to explain that on the third day, the rock was rolled away, the guard was found laying on the ground and that two angels told the women who came to lay flowers at his grave, that Jesus was alive. 

For 20 minutes, we discussed Jesus’ presence in our lives today, how he is alive and speaks to us either audibly or into our hearts. We discussed St. Faustina’s visits from Jesus and the beautiful rays emanating from his body and we discussed Divine Mercy Sunday coming up this Sunday.

Imagine my surprise when I reviewed what we discussed and little Maddie raises her hand and said, “I know what we were talking about–Jesus rose from the deaf.”

Uh yeah……

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