The sun is shining-could it possibly be a sign of spring?

So we have had these flats of flowers, packets of seeds, tomato and pepper plants, as well as about 10 bags of soil–just waiting for the opportune time to plant.

It hasn’t happened

Snow during Easter week, frost and endless rain have precluded us from getting our garden started this year. However, today looks hopeful! The sun is shining, and I didn’t need an umbrella and a winter coat to take the dog outside today. Looks like spring or perhaps summer might be around the corner.

Thanks to our hard as a rock clay soil and a yard filled with Black Walnut trees, planting flowers and vegetables is always a challenge. So this year, we are trying a new plan.

Less flowers, but a unique vegetable garden using black garbage bags. I learned this technique from Mary Hunt’s Cheapskate Monthly website. All it takes is a few garbage bags, a few bags of Miracle Grow soil and plants or seeds,and mulch.

  • Find a nice sunny spot
  • fill the bags with soil
  • lay them on their sides
  • poke a few drainage holes on the bottom
  • cut holes on the top
  • put plants or seeds in the openings
  • cover with mulch to hide the fact that you are actually using garbage bags!
  • water and wait
  • No weeding
  • More time for fun

This is so right up my alley and I will post pictures after they are ready to go

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