Remembering mom

Hey Mom, do you remember the Mother’s day when I tried to make you breakfast in bed and dumped the orange juice all over you and Dad? After that, I usually had you come to the kitchen for breakfast!

Or how about the time I set the new kitchen carpet on fire when I tried my hand at crepe suzettes? Yeah, you forbid me from lighting Grand Marnier in the house ever again.

I laugh when I recall our late night shopping trips to Southridge until they closed for the night; and losing the car in the parking lot. Since the mall doors were locked, we had to climb over walls to find that the car was on the other side of the building.

I remember laughing over nothing with you until we nearly wet our pants! 

It was great going together to see the latest James Bond movies–sorry for falling asleep, but I didn’t get as enthralled with Roger Moore as you did. Now the Sean Connery flicks? Oh for those, I always stayed awake!

Remember walking into town those chilly evenings when there was a huge blizzard going on? Why on earth did we pick those nights to go shopping? Could be that the shopping was an excuse to go for a steaming cup of hot chocolate at the Coach Lamp? Or later, a Tom and Jerry at Palm Gardens?

There were some tough times in our family, I won’t deny it, but I always knew that you loved me and did the best you could with the tools you had. I know that life was often difficult for you as well and I am just grateful to God that we went through those trials together and grew closer as a result.

My regret? You left much too soon–you had barely gotten to know your grandchildren and you have so many of them now–great grandchildren too. You would be so proud to see them all, I know that I am.

Mostly, I miss our 8:30 a.m. phone calls to map out our days–we barely missed a day talking together. After you died, it took me years to break that habit and for the longest time, I just called your number to hear your voice on the answering machine. I love you Mom–Happy Mother’s Day. You were the best  and I can’t think of having a better mother than you.

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