Thanks Mary Kay

Wow, got a really cool surprise in the mail the other day and finally took a few moments in between my NON-interviews to have a look at it. Yeah, the non-interviews are another story and a great amount of frustration for someone who depends upon people calling her back to make a living as a writer.

So, I knew I was picked to test the products, but wasn’t sure what to expect when I learned that the folks at Mary Kay were going to send me some make up to try. I figured it would be a few microscopic samples in little round bubbles with a tiny applicator–no idea that they were planning to send me an actual, usable compact filled with eye and cheek product.

It’s been a long time since Mary Kay makeup has touched this face and admittedly, I was quite impressed with the changes.

In my box was a plastic compact with two sections and a mirror, three types of eye shadow and blush, and two applicators.

The best part besides being awesome makeup? The top compartment is a magnet and all of the make up components pop right in and stay put.

The products go on smooth, blend easily, look great and pop right in my purse! Trying Mary Kay again makes me dream of owning my own Pink Cadillac, think it could happen?

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