The AT&T Insurance runaround

Wow AT&T, thanks so much for the generous rewards of years of using your phone service. Two weeks ago, I purchased the do-it-all Motorola Atrix 4G for $150 and included with it, was an additional two year contract with your company. Granted, it is a $500 phone, but add in the required contract, all the bells and whistles and that phone is more than paid for.  After your ‘caring’ sales people convinced me, I went ahead and purchased the insurance policy. Stupid me, didn’t read all the fine print in the contract, because let me tell you that you are better off putting the $4.99 away in your bank each month than paying for this worthless Asurion policy. And let me tell you why.

This past Monday, my new phone was dropped in the water, and of course, since it is a computer, nothing worked after trying to dry it out. However, I breathed a sigh of relief when I recalled my own ‘brilliance’ on purchasing the insurance. For a mere $50 deductible, I knew that soon I would be the proud owner of a new Atrix.  So, I picked up my land line and  called AT&T just minutes after my phone was ruined, to get a claim started.

This was the beginning of the nightmare–not only did it take 45 minutes on the phone           navigating the computerized call system to find a human being to speak with, but the person assigned to my case was probably a 12-year-old with an attitude.  

Adding to the frustration of losing the use of my phone was the new knowledge that on top of the $4.99 per month spent on this policy, I would have to pay $150 deductible rather than $50 that I thought I’d be spending. But of course, that was, again, my own stupidity for thinking that $50 would apply to all phones. The worst jolt to my senses was in learning that the phone I would be receiving would be a refurbished one. Yes, you heard me, refurbished–you know, like the ones I could get on ebay for about that same price? 

Unbelievably, the policy does not include new phones–nope! You get someone else’s trashed phone that has been fixed up and given to you and then, get this, you send your trashed phone back and they fix it up to send to someone else. What a nice gig for Asurian. 

So, I called and wrote to AT&T and dealt with the same circle of incongruity–they say they have no control over the insurance company and–yet they do, they choose what company represents AT&T and for whatever reason, they choose an unscrupulous company to represent what they deem AT&T quality. 

That’s ok AT&T, you won this round, but in two years when the contract is up–don’t expect me signing up for another stint.

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