Reinvention Day 2

Despite a plethora of doctor visits readying Blaise for his upcoming pain pump surgery next week, yesterday was a glorious day.

No, I did not get hired at Starbucks, Walgreens or McDonald’s and no, there weren’t any surprise writing assignments headed my way–but it was glorious, nonetheless.

In the mail was a $25 check from someone who owes me money, a $45 check for some book reviews I have done, and best of all, I won a $25 gift certificate for dairy products at a local grocery store, courtesy of the Kenosha County Farm Bureau. Although, it has never been possible in my 51 years on this planet, I nearly did a cartwheel on the front lawn.

This is nearly $100 that I did not expect, but is welcomed and will be used wisely. One thing I have learned during these past five years of drought, is that I no longer spend frivolously. Perhaps this was another of God’s lessons for me. I am keeping track you know, and this is number 97 thus far–am I bold enough to ask Him if 100 lessons will be enough?

Just kidding God.

The evenings offerings included watering the flowers together, all are growing in abundance this year, courtesy of the drenching rains that have exploded all the flora in the land.Our little Bichon, Argyle followed at my heels, licking the droplets of water off of my toes. He scampered and played with Callie, his feral feline companion. How many wives are fortunate enough to have their husbands and furry friends by their sides every day–there are blessings to disability and I am grateful we can be together.

Popping through the green leaves in the woods on the northern portion of our property were hundreds of gorgeous black raspberries ready to be picked and made into jam–that will be a weekend task that Erin and I will try to tackle. Tromping through the woods should be easy as our weather has stayed cool and the mosquitoes are few–another of life’s many joys.

In store today will be a visit to Blaise’s neurosurgeon to find out if his cervical fusion has failed a second time–I pray not. Despite the worry of a third surgery, I know Blaise is in the capable hands of Dr. Yash Pannu, who is not only a skilled surgeon, but has become a treasured and cherished friend these past five years. Thanks be to God for wonderful doctors.

While job hunting will not be on the docket today, we will be enjoying some needed R & R with a couple of friends. As I work on lessons learned, I also have a separate list of the many friends who have gone out of their way to ensure we are called, visited, fed, and loved these past few years. The friends rank right up there next to God.

What does this have to do with reinventing myself? I’m not sure, but what I do know is that the Karen today is a lot different and incredibly more grateful for the small things than the Karen of five years ago. Well, maybe that is progress.

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