Reinvention Day 3

Well the worry and fears about Blaise’s fusion are gone! Thanks be to God! I was so happy to see the X-Rays and possess the knowledge that all the hardware is still in place. The only thing that is a concern is that there is little bone growth at C1-C2 and Dr. Pannu is recommending a hardware block to determine if the pain is coming from this area. If so he will possibly have a follow up surgery down the road to place some bone building material in there. So, we are still on track for the permanent pain pump surgery Friday.

While this is also not in the category of personal reinvention, it is another perfect opportunity for gratitude.

Later in the day, we spent the evening with good friends, having dinner, laughing and wandering the shores of Lake Elizabeth watching wave upon wave roll upon the sand. All around us, children giggled, dogs romped and lovers schmoozed as the sun began casting golden rays upon the water. Balmy and breezy–it was a perfect evening.

Unexpectedly, an editor friend of mine sent a story my way–perhaps this is a sign to continue writing? It might explain the eerie silence after submitting job applications to several fast food restaurants, perhaps God has me where He wants me–and maybe I need to trust in Him more.

The sparrows don’t worry where their food will come from. Instinctively, they understand that God will provide all their needs–how much greater He must desire good things for us.

Inside, I can feel that I am beginning to shift–progress?

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