The Reinvention project-day 6

In recognizing our faults, we can grow and change. While each life is imperfect, each upbringing not without error, the true growth is in forgiving and rising above the pain and loss of self worth to becoming whole with Christ.

Too many times, children of all ages hold parents hostage for mistakes either made or perceived. Few parents enter the awesome responsibility of raising children with frivolity and selfishness–no, most are unselfish and desire to raise children who are strong, loving, responsible and of good moral character.

When there are serious issues that can fracture the relationship, many tend to propel blame onto those who provided the warmth, security and love of a family–rather than to their own faults.

Raised in dysfunction and abuse, I traveled my own road of personal self-destruction until God revealed my true self. I was able to forgive, be forgiven and to move on. Through His grace and mercy, the imprisonment ended and freedom and happiness began.

While around me, bombs seem to be dropping–however, the voice of Christ is louder than the din of distraction. Nothing can remove my eyes from the foot of the cross, and the Blood washing away my sins, offering protection from all that comes to harm me. As long as I keep my eyes on the Light–all will be fine. Thanks be to God

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