The Reinvention project-day 8

Slick blades of grass curtseying in a gentle mid-summer breeze
Songbirds flitting from one feeder to another chattering enchanting conversations  while entertaining their curious onlookers
Lilies, yarrow, roses and wildflowers reaching towards the heavens begging divine graces for their colorful beauty
Sturdy Oaks and Black Walnut trees rooted into the bowels of the earth, branches spread, their glistening leaves outstretched; an explanation of greater glory to all who wonder what’s to come
Burgers; seared and charred on the edges-a welcoming bite and precursor to summer’s bountiful harvest
A carefree afternoon of laughing, reminiscing, sharing, and rekindling love privileged to dear friends
Earthy aroma of freshly roasted coffee melding with sweet and decadent chocolate pie
A perfect and priceless summer day

Thanks be to God

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