The Reinvention project-day 12

Trying to find the positives for today as things have gone totally upside down and sideways. I am running on nearly empty, physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. On top of that, my asthma flare up of last week has incited an extremely painful lung infection.
 the positives:
still have shelter
still have food
no noticable storm damage
power is on
angelic granddaughter is sleeping on my bed next to my husband who is recovering from surgery
and Erin made it home safe from work–albeit 4 hours early as they closed Six Flags due to the storm.
The words I hear from within: Be Still and know that I am God
Yes, I am a work in progress

One thought on “The Reinvention project-day 12

  1. Anne at Imprisoned in my Bones highlighted your blog on “Pay It Forward” today. I'm here visiting and now following. Good that in all the craziness … you can still look on the bright side.

    I liked your post on Catholic education and left a message there too. I hope you can pop over and check out some of the other “Pay It Forward” highlights. It's always nice to make new friends.


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