The Reinvention project-day 14

Trying to reinvent myself when I am sick and can barely breathe seems a daunting task indeed. Just as I began feeling inner turmoil and insulted by God for sidelining me as it seems He has done, a slight revelation pierced my heart.

Actually, the piercing thing was the pleurisy–but nonetheless, God did send a message; and one that was loud and clear.

Slow the heck down!

Not in a chastising or shameful manner, but in quiet, gentle tones of a loving Father concerned for his daughter. “Slow down, allow yourself to rest and allow Me to work on healing you inside and out.”

But I don’t sit still. I can’t. I am too obsessive compulsive to do such things, I whine to Him.

“Exactly,” which is why I can speak to you now, because you have no choice, but to rest.


I am a slow study for sure, and oftentimes need it all spelled out in colorful pictures.

My lesson for today is just to Be.
Be content
Be patient
Be still
Be restful
Be watchful
Be aware
Be at peace.

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