Paying it forward

So I got this cool button for my blog and somehow I am supposed to use it to promote another person’s blog–however, I am a bit techno-challenged here and have to figure out just how to make it work. I am hoping that the originator, Holly at A Life Sized Catholic Blog will step in and help me out!

One thought on “Paying it forward

  1. Glad to help!

    The first thing you do to participate is to write a little blurb about who/whatever you want to highlight.

    Then copy the code below the “Pay It Forward” button on my post. Be sure you capture the entire code. You can get to it easily by clicking on my comment link here on your blog.

    After you get the code, you’ll paste it somewhere on your blog post. To do this, go to where you edit your post on your Blogger Dashboard.

    So go to the Dashboard, click Edit Posts and then click the post you’ll be working with. Just like you would normally do it when writing a post.

    Notice you’ll now see there is an “HTML Edit” tab and a “Compose” tab. You may never have noticed it before if you don’t work with HTML stuff, but it’s there. Click the “HTML Edit” tab. Paste the code in the body of your post. It’s easiest to add it to the top or the bottom. If you click back over to the “Compose” tab you will see the button.

    (The button above is not working.) When the button is installed correctly it will take you (well, your reader’s) to the instruction page for “Pay It Forward”.

    Next, publish your page. The last step is to enter the address of that post in the linky back on my blog. To locate that address look at your published post on your blog. At the top of your computer screen you will see the address. For example—when I look at the Pay It Forward post you have right here, this is the address I see:

    Copy that address and paste it in the linky form on my blog where it says URL. Be sure to erase the http:// that’s in that line, because when you paste your address you’ve already copied everything you need.

    Finish by filling out your email address and the title you want to show up with your link.

    You might need to refresh the page to see your link show up.

    Voila! You’re done.

    Good luck!


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