The Reinvention project-day 21

Oh to be as carefree and happy as my canine companion

For the better part of an hour, Argyle, our Bichon Frise dismantled a stuffed blue monkey while I tried to work on some assignments.

Without fanfare, without whining or seeking praise for his accomplishment–he opened the back seam and methodically pulled white clumps of stuffing from the monkey’s belly and head. By the time he was finished, a large mound of stuffing covered the carpeted floor, the monkey was deflated..and Argyle lay content at my side.

A way to handle frustration, perhaps? Or just having some much needed comic relief?

I think I could learn a lot from my dog as far as how to unwind.

Now, I doubt that I will be ripping the stuffing out of a blue monkey anytime soon, but perhaps I could call my sister back and laugh with her on the phone a little more, run around the yard with the dog, or read the comics in the newspaper.

I understand my job is often serious, and I take my Catholic faith very seriously, but I sincerely doubt that God wanted me to be this serious. For my next task, I’ll try to have a bit more fun—but don’t drive by looking for me carrying a stuffed toy in my teeth…..

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