Countdown begins

I am looking at the calendar in shock this morning! It seemed like yesterday that we brought Erin home from St. Lawrence Seminary High School for summer vacation. Now it is less than a month before he returns for his Junior year. To me, this is the most pivotal year of high school–colleges are chosen, vocations are investigated, grades really matter and life as an adult is peering and beckoning from the corner.

It is amazing to me, just how busy we all are–living in the same home for a couple of months, but all racing into different directions–working, preparing the yard, visiting doctors, attending to the needs of our parish. While these are all necessary aspects of life–something has disappeared.


Today we are playing hooky, and workaholic that I am–we are making time to play together as a family. Yes, I see that dark storm clouds are beckoning–but like I said yesterday, we are learning to dance in the rain.

Have a blessed day

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