The Reinvention project-day 22

As I maneuver through each day–some with noticeable highs and others with clandestine lows, one thing towers above all–attitude. With tragedy encompassing many portions of the globe– my daily struggles seem miniscule in comparison. Through my work as a writer, I am privileged to see the best of humanity, the worst, those who are provided plenty and those who do without the simplest elements for survival. A common thread among those who have suffered great loss, is the great appreciation for the tiny blessings, such as an innocuous kindness, a gentle smile, an unexpected letter in the mail.

Through my own tragedies and loss–I have learned to rely on Jesus and Mother Mary for support, guidance and love. It matters little where I sit on the popularity poll or economic ladder–what does matter is my attitude and how I muddle through difficult times.

Today I was discussing some social justice issues prevalent among Catholic freelance writers and found myself reaching  a boiling point. An hour later, I was speaking with a woman volunteering her time to save young children from the diabolical practice of child trafficking in Thailand, and I wept. Remarkably, this young missionary explained, the people are cheerful, grateful and happy despite living with the after effects of ethnic cleansing and human disrespect. My problems seemed so ridiculous in comparison.

My personal lesson for today is to dance in the midst of the storms–for if I can’t appreciate the small blessings gifted to me from God than I am telling him that I am ungrateful for the life He has so freely given.

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