The Reinvention project-day 27

While most of the material in my life is gone
many of my family has passed away or left my life
things I found necessities are no longer important
vacations that I used to think just reward for a year of hard work, suddenly mean little when putting food on the table has become challenging.
Going to fancy dinners, concerts or movies has changed to quiet nights at home, reading, watching Tv or playing games.

Am I a failure?
Is my life meaningless?
Did I do something wrong?

On the contrary, my husband and I are surviving through difficult times
not only surviving, we are thriving because He is within us
Each day, he gives us the grace and mercy to continue along and despite the bumps in the road–they are little in comparison to the suffering He endured for me.

Although we have little left to offer to each other or to others, we have compassion and we have integrity and perhaps that is the greatest lesson of all. For when it is all said and done, I long for the heart of Jesus and if the suffering we are enduring is to mold our hearts into His, then it all the suffering is worth it.

4 thoughts on “The Reinvention project-day 27

  1. Sweetie, You spoke well of Our Faith in the Faithful One! Is it not truly our own desires (the I wants) that predispose us for all those empty feelings of uselessness and failure? Yes, we can dream, but you and I sincerely Dream of being united with Him, and more importantly, as we sojourn; do our hearts not burn for operating in His Will, so as one day possibly hear ~ “Well done though good and faithful servant.”


  2. I really enjoyed reading your column. It is so true. If we have everything in this world and loose our soul it would be better if we had not been born.
    Mother Teresa stance on suffering:
    She said.”When suffering overtakes us, let us accept it with a smile. This is the greatest gift of God: having the courage to accept with a smile whatever he gives us and whatever he takes from us.
    Karen, I am glad you are my friend.


  3. Thank you Terri. While it is easy to think that Mother Teresa accepted her suffering with ease, I am guessing she had trouble pasting a smile on her face from time to time, don't you think? However, we are trying to stand through it all without losing our souls–and perhaps, that is all our Lord requires of us. I am happy you are my friend too!


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