The Reinvention project-day 28

Had the wonderful opportunity to spend an evening with some of my college friends.
It’s surprising what a night out with those you used to spend hours eating with, laughing with, and hanging out in the music department can do to the soul.

Despite the fact that it has been nearly 30 years since we have gotten together, time seemed to be a mystical division that despite a few wrinkles and grey hairs, evaporated into blissfully happy memories of the best time of my early adult life.

Carefree, selfish, exciting days of being cut loose from parental restrictions into the world of almost being independent. Doing what I wanted, when I wanted and with whom I wanted with few responsibilities other than my papers, exams and juries..

For much of the evening as I grooved to the sultry tunes of my 50-something jazz friends recounting the likes of John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Spyro Gyra and other charts of my era, I left aside the worries over my husband’s wallet being stolen, the work left undone on my desk, the interviews coming up tomorrow. I was able to relax, smile and turn back the clock for a while……..and despite the frivolity of the night, it almost felt like a few worries were lifted, a few wrinkles softened, and God saying…’s OK to have fun!

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