The Reinvention project-day 29

So with just one day left of my 30 day personal challenge to reinvent myself, look at life in a new way, be happy and grateful for what we have and where we are…….well, I blew it.

Big time.

Not sure what happened, perhaps it was the lack of sleep, the stolen wallet and credit cards yesterday, the haste to meet deadline on a few stories…I don’t know, but I had a major meltdown.

I got angry. I cried. I stomped around. I felt sorry for myself and wallowed a bit.

Then, I just surrendered and prayed to the Blessed Mother for grace and mercy.

Slowly, gently, it came. My problems were not solved, but I felt a bit calmer, resolute and determined to stand up and continue the good fight.  Somewhere along the way, I realized that this is no short term project, it is my lifelong journey and I will never really ‘get it’ until I am in the arms of Jesus. 

The encouraging words from my friend Terri gave me great comfort–especially considering we have traveled a similar path much of our lives. She reminded me that Mother Teresa would smile despite her suffering so no one knew she was suffering. What a fantastic lesson she continues to give to all of us.

I love this quote from her as well:

“The important thing, is not to waste suffering. Join it to the suffering of Christ; offer it up with his suffering. Don’t waste suffering .”

So my inconsequential suffering is offered up today for others and I got outside to smell the flowers and felt much better.

“See how nature – trees, flowers, grass – grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence…we need silence to be able to touch souls.”-Mother Teresa

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