The Reinvention project-day 30-final day

When I began the process of reinvention, I did so feeling like the grit scraping off the sides of craggy shale.
My anger rolled and boiled, threatening to burst forward into a cataclysmic eruption, and I planned to take no prisoners. 
It incensed me that I was not given the respect that I felt I deserved for an 18+ year writing career.
It upset me that my 16-year-old son was bringing home a larger paycheck for less hours worked.
I was dismayed that despite my frank discussions with a couple of editors, nothing was going to change.
I sought to find a new career, but none came to me.
The initial days were rugged, disappointing and demeaning to me as I pounded the pavement in search of another direction that might garner a larger paycheck.

Nothing happened.

Or did it?

Along the way, tears weakened my hardened shell, my soul cracked wide and I began witnessing my writing as a ministry–simply, gracefully and mercifully given to me by God.

I began a renewed relationship with Our Blessed Mother Mary and implored her for guidance, and she so lovingly, provided it.

Throughout these 30 days, a new world of blessings began appearing–small things, a bargain here, a smile, a sympathetic glance, an unexpected check, and comments from those whose lives were positively affected by the words I put to page.

I had no clue.

Yes, I know now the course that God has called me, and until He says otherwise–this is where I will stay.

My reinvention continues and while the theme may change, God’s work will not and I am humbled to follow His most perfect path.

And I will pour upon you clean water, and you shall be cleansed from all your filthiness, and I will cleanse you from all your idols. Ezekiel 36:25

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