Slow Love by Dominique Browning is captivating

In many ways, this book “Slow Love” hit home. Like me, Dominique Browning was a writer who went through a reinvention process. For more than a decade, she was the editor of Home & Garden magazine and was accustomed to the exclusive lifestyle attributed to life in New York City. She managed a large staff, raised her two boys as a single mother and managed to have dinner with them nearly every night. All that she did was driven by her fast paced and often frenzied lifestyle—and she thrived on that.
Suddenly Browning’s life changed in 2007 after losing the job that defined her as a worthy human being. In almost diary form, she exquisitely describes her feelings being suddenly without purpose and frantically trying to learn who she was, to a depression that, at its low point finds her visiting the farmer’s market in her pajamas, forgetting it was Friday, and eating vast amounts of homemade chocolate chip cookies, while hidden in the confines of her home.
After about six months of random activity, she sells the house she expected to leave as a legacy to her children, to a simpler home and lifestyle. She becomes more introspective and contemplative in her mannerisms and slowly becomes to love herself and live in peace.
Her move to her second home in Rhode Island, which she has knocked down and rebuilt seemed to be a necessary process to become the spiritual being that God intended her to be. 

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