Showing Respect for Life this month

When we think of October being Respect life month, we often focus on saving babies from abortion. Of course, as a mother of five and grandmother to four, the little ones do captivate my attention. However, respecting life means all life at all stages of being. Whether it is the wee babe, the teen with Downs syndrome, the cancer patient, death row prisoner, or the elderly relative unable to grasp daily memories–all are important and all have value.

As a Catholic Christian, it often amazes me that others who celebrate their Christianity, often feel compelled to play God with the lives of others who are not living up to their acceptable expectations of the beauty of life. None of us knows the value or purpose of any heartbeat–those mysteries will be unveiled in God’s time; but each precious soul has a beautiful and unique personality and squelching any life eliminates the possibility for that special trait to be revealed.

Sitting in Mass this morning while our priest was speaking on Respect Life month, I was in awe of my gorgeous granddaughter asleep in my lap, platinum tendrils framing her round face and long eyelashes concealing azure eyes–if circumstances had been different, she may not be here to infuse so many lives with joy. Each moment with her is a celebration of God’s infinite goodness and despite any moments of stress or sorrow in our lives, her presence bridges all of that, surrounding us with His love.

Today she and I unveiled the mystery of a caterpillar and after investigating all of his parts and playing with him for a bit-sent him back to the wild to find his family. A tiny lesson on the importance of life, perhaps–but hopefully the beginning of her lifelong enthusiasm for God’s heart.

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