Who needs New Year’s Resolutions?

Magazine articles, television segments, and surveys all asking the proverbial question: “What is your New Year’s resolution?” Marketing schemes galore encourage those to shape up, lose weight, get more sleep, get organized, get out of debt, and find more personal happiness. Unfortunately, by month’s end, most of the well-intentioned resolutions have gone by the wayside–as much remembered as dear Aunt Edna’s fruitcake that was tossed in the trash a few days ago.

For me, like others, resolutions don’t work and instead of a grandiose plan, I am trying the “One day at a time” approach for changing my life. 2011 was a very difficult year for our family–there was great loss, heartache, major medical problems and financial catastrophe, culminating with putting our beloved “forever” home on the selling block. It would be easy to fall prey to feeling sorry for ourselves and not focus on the positive….after all, what positive can be found with a list like that, you ask? Plenty.

First and foremost–we are and continue to be blessed by God to endure all that has happened. If it were not for our strong Catholic faith and the Communion of Saints praying with us, we would not be here to even complain about our heartaches–for surely despair would have propelled us to an entirely different outcome. We have not gone hungry and have not had to endure living without heat and running water–we are blessed.

Secondly, we have family members and dear friends who have walked the craggy path with us, held our hands, bound our wounds as we have bled, and offered us shoulder upon shoulder to cry until the tears refused to fall.

Third, we are blessed to see our children become fruitful–with grandchild number seven making his or her appearance in September. How wonderful to know, that long after we have returned to the dust of the earth, our generation will continue to fill the vast areas of the earth.

While I am battling the health issue of my life, I continue to be grateful for each day that God has allowed me to be here with my wonderful husband and continue to remain hopeful that we can still grow old together.

So each day is a day to say ‘Thank you” to God for a new and glorious day. For a day to be allowed to laugh, to cry, to weep and to mourn—and to feel loved.

Thank you for this day and all the majesty that accompanies it.

Happy New Year!

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