Living a Lenten Life

While not as trite as a New Year’s resolution, Lent does offer certain similarities. We give up, offer up or try to do something out of our comfort zone in recognition of all that Jesus did for us–to remember his 40 days in the desert, to recall his intense suffering, to remember why we are here. Along the way, I have failed at giving up things for Lent, or partaking in certain spiritual practices. The problem with many of the things I have done, is that I have made it all about me and not about God or the service to others. When we surround ourselves with ME, we are bound to fail.
However, each Lent is an opportunity to get a mulligan, but better because God does not keep score.  Lent is our opportunity to try again to reach heaven through the confines of this earth.  A chance to try again in giving up those things that separate me from God’s desire for my life.  A chance to separate myself from the things that have become false idols for me. A chance to try again to take up those practices that might bring me closer to God.  A chance to try a new spiritual practice that has the ability to draw me near the face of the Almighty.
Another Lent, another chance to purge the chaff, to create a new wine skin.
The soul of Lent is God.  Lent isn’t about me. It is all about Him.  Each and everything I do or don’t do during these next weeks should be an attempt to keep God at the center of my life.
Everyone needs a mulligan,  a chance to make something right.  What in your life needs to change so that God comes first?  Are there things you need to give up or take up for this to happen?
May God bless your Lent. May it be filled with moments where you encounter the living Jesus. May you find fulfillment in He who broke through the bondage of sin to bring us the hope of eternity. 

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