All I wanted was a little piece of heaven….

Mother’s day is never an easy time for me. The two women I most admired in the whole world are gone. My grandma, Elvi died a couple of decades ago and my mom, Bonnie passed in 2001–both were exemplary women, mothers and grandmothers.

Most likely, neither knew how much they were valued, cherished, respected and loved. That fault lies in part, with me, because I failed to tell them often enough just what their presence and guidance in my life meant. Without these two, I would not be here, nor would my brothers and sister, my five children, my beautiful grandchildren and an amazing collection of nieces and nephews.

Perhaps we are all guilty of not telling others what they mean to us–until it is too late. So, on Mother’s Day, I was looking for a piece of heaven in order to quietly thank my Mom and Grandma for all they have done for me.  We went to Mass at a different parish because I wanted to meet a priest I recently interviewed for a story.

As I prayed in the quiet stillness among the elaborate statuary, under the most perfect and intricate artwork of any church in our area, I could hear the angels. Softly singing their praises to God just loud enough for my spirit to lurch, my soul to awaken, my heart to resonate–heaven. I was there, it was, it IS real.

The Mass began and while I was present with the physical– the ethereal within me joined with the angels and saints, Jesus, Mary and Joseph and yes, my Mom and Grandma.  Truly, it was as if time had never passed.

While I had heard this teaching many times, I had not experienced the true transcendence until that Mass–the experience where time stands still
….. and heaven comes down to earth.
Where the Alpha and Omega meet.
Where I am with Jesus as he walks the Via Dolorosa to the Cross.
 When he is crucified.
At the empty tomb.
On the road to Emmaus.
And I joined with the Angels and Saints to sing Holy Holy Holy, Lord God Almighty…..

I was there, and wept for the enormity of the experience, and for the years and thousands of Masses that never reached this depth within my soul. At first, I chastised myself, but then gratitude, grace and peace won out and I was able to fully thank my most Blessed Mother for her guidance, and my mother and grandmother for their unconditional love.

Praise be to God-I looked for a piece of heaven and graciously, He granted it to me for that special moment.

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