On grandparenting

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting my daughter and son-in-law after the birth of their first baby.
A son, Josiah James.
Perfectly formed with silky smooth skin, all fingers and toes, downy hair highlighted with a tinge of red.
Though he won’t recall, we spent five nights together, rocking, feeding, singing Irish ballads,  discussing his future, and commissioning his guardian angels…just the two of us, in the quiet solitude as the world slept.
Blessed beyond measure to have two parents and a host of grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends who already love him.
Hearts that were solidly encompassing all the love they could hold, suddenly cracked wide to embrace this new life–one of God’s perfect creatures.
Considering we are all created in God’s image–His love grows to include more life each day….and that gift is ours also. I felt my own heart grow, once again beneath my breastbone.
Grandparenting is a gift that blesses the parent, edifies us to see life come from the life we have produced.
What a miracle
Thanks be to our most gracious God.

 Kelly and Josiah

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