Downy Unstopables In Wash Fresh Scent Booster-pretty amazing stuff!


   Through the blogger reviews program, I was asked to test a Proctor and Gamble product and share if we liked it or not. I chose the Downy Unstopables in Wash Fresh Scent Booster. 

Looking at those little purple granules, I wondered if they would be effective by just tossing them in with my regular detergant. After all, I am a Down Fabric Softener diehard and getting this old dog to try a new trick is not an easy task…..but I was willing to give it a shot. 

So, I though the little pellets in with my smelliest load of laundry (sorry for the visual) and got that washing machine churning away. I did not expect much.

After the cycle was finished, the wet laundry smelled amazing–but, would it hold up after a run through the dryer? And the bigger question–would the scent hold up days later?

Once the load was removed from the dryer, the scent remained–even the dryer smelled nice! But better yet, the clothes were soft, not overpowering with scent, and actually, I liked the fragrance better than my regular Downy! Wow! Never thought I would admit to that!

Anyway, I wasn’t done–I left a few items in dresser drawers for a week and when I came back to check with my self-proclaimed Bloodhound nose test–I was pleasantly surprised to find that the clothes smelled just as fresh and were just as soft as they were when I first removed them from the dryer. 

Well, this little testimony leads to my reason for posting this on my blog today. Proctor and Gamble has opened up an eCommerce Store and anyone ordering from this link during August will be able to get a 10% discount on all P & G products, plus free shipping for orders over $25! Woohoo–I would say this is a pretty darn good deal!

By the way:
There are a LOT of great Olympic-themed bundles and deals right now as P & G is a big Olympic sponsor. 

But in order to get these great deals you need to purchase through the link at the end of this blog. If you want to share these great deals with your family and friends, send them here and they can reap the rewards too!


Just a note, I  get a small commission for anything ordered from this link, so if you are curious about Downy Unstopables or like P & G products and want to get a great deal with free shipping, click on the link below and you can help us both out!

If you like, leave a comment on this blog and tell me what your favorite P & G product is, and let me know if you are going to take advantage of the awesome deals this month!

So, here you go–check out the link below, and maybe you will find something you wish to order!
Thanks for reading!

Downy Unstopables In Wash Fresh Scent Booster 


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