Trusting when you can’t see the bottom

It is so much easier to trust God when you are not dangling from a craggy cliff above a river of roaring water.

We tell God that we trust Him in all things, yet, are we willing to let go and jump?

Will we bash our head upon the rocks below?

Will we drown?

We pray for guidance, but do we pay attention to the silent whispers to our soul, telling us what to do?

My spiritual director loves to quote movies, and one scene she loves is from the Kevin Costner version of “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.”

In the scene, Robin was fighting Little John in the river and he has him grasped by the neck.

Robin asks him: “Do you yield?”
Little John replies: “I can’t bloody swim”
Robin: “Do you Yield”
Little John: “Yes”
Robin: “Good, now put your feet down.”

When we pray and ask God for rescue and help, I think we have to be willing to put our feet down! Perhaps there is something below, or perhaps He has His arms out ready to catch us.

It’s so very difficult sometimes, but letting go, might just be the beginning!

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