Kileen Prather’s newest book Journey to Port available

Novelist Kileen Prather’s second book Journey To Port, takes place in Port Washington and Door County, Wisconsin and Ludington, Michigan. Born in Wisconsin, she spends summers and fall in Port Washington when she is not out directing tours. She is a graduate of the University of WI-Madison with a B.A. in history and has an M.A. in Library Science from Central Michigan University.
Journey to Porttargets the baby boom generation and is the story of a recently divorced 50 + woman who reinvents her life while trying to solve a 150 year old family mystery. Her stories take place in various locales in the United States since mature adults love to travel and dream of places to visit. Her characters are ordinary people struggling with issues aging adults face such as changing spousal relationships, parental concerns, and illnesses.
“Many women and men find themselves divorced or widowed after 15 or more years of marriage. These devastating experiences seem to halt life as they know it,” she said. “They often don’t believe it is possible to start all over again. They need to know that ‘living’ takes place and ‘romance is possible’ no matter what your age.”
“Younger adults don’t like to believe the older generation experiences romance, but it definitely is there. I see it on every tour I lead. Even today’s media tends to ignore this generation.”
“Being told there is very little romance in the lives of today’s boomers, and even if romance exists, no one wants to read about it, is what spurred me to write about that exact subject,” Prather said.
A Seattle reviewer said of her first book:
“Some books just don’t fit neatly into any formulaic genre and Journey Beckons is one of those books. It’s a romance novel, but it’s for older women. It’s a travel guide for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, and yet it’s not just a travel guide. Somehow it does both: a romance novel and a travel guide.”
Journey to Port is available through the author on her website ( ) or

As an aside from the author:  The books are $15.95 but if they send me their address with a check, I will sell the book for $14.00 autographed or they can take both “Journey To Port” & “Journey Beckons” for a one time price of $27.00 & that would include shipping on either deal.
They would mail to :   Kileen Prather
                                     P.O. Box 435
                                     Port Washington, WI 53074

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